lol i went back to read my posts from the beginning of the year. now THATS an interesting experience. how far i've come. and how ironic some of the things i said. remember when i was super excited that i met the guy with the keyboard in his room cuz  he had a keyboard in his room and i jokingly said that i just met my new bffl? (here and here). well that actually turned out to be kind of true. and here i said that i was gonna be pro at guitar by summertime, and summer time is here and i would say that it's not too far from the truth. :] and some things, such as this and part of this, were the beginnings of themes that followed me throughout the year and played major roles in my growth this year. little did i know then. also from here it looks like i tried to study for my first chem midterm for two hours the night before. wow fail. lol. high school habits, lets just say. i would not dare to try that now. and my grades reflect the difference.

speaking of which, to any little sparkers out there, my virgin gpa has been ruined so you can let off the pressure now. haha, not by one grade, but two, but that's ok, i'm totally satisfied.

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