summertime! so far so good. vbs makes my mornings busy, but i do find myself with a lot of time in the afternoons and evenings. i havent gone crazy yet, mostly because every day God has (for lack of better words) called to me and spoken to me. you know what i mean? like i'm doing something, but im suddenly hit with the sense that i really need to stop whatever i'm doing and listen/pray a bit. what time consuming business, but time is what i have right now. and even if i didnt have it, i would make it. perhaps he always calls to me, but i only hear when i have time. in any case, if i was under house arrest with no visitors for the summer (what a nightmare), this would sustain me, that's how satisfying its been. this summer is not going to be one of flabbiness and forgetting about God between having fun and being bored. it's going to be a summer to enrich (yes, ENRICH) my relationship with God. a retreat of a sort, if you will. retreat from what, good question, but it doesnt matter. maybe retreat isnt the right word, because it implies that i'm facing away from God and moving backwards towards him in order to get away from the world. i shall rather turn around and call it an advance.

mental ipod: God gave (VBS)

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