i know you're all dying to know how my summer is going.

i'm liking my physics class so far. the professor is very... unconventional. for one thing, he has no accent. furthermore, i heard he is also a math professor, and he still has no accent. i'm confused. but cool. he looks azn but his name isn't azn. i'm confused. anddd he's super spazzy and random, like mr dong on bananas (none of you understood that reference probably, but it's ok). i wouldnt be surprised if he turned out to be a little adhd. oh and he's young, wth. anyway, one quarter compressed into 6 weeks mean we go super fast. two chapters a week. i swear, this class is not designed for people who have never encountered physics before. it's challenging, esp when he lectures fast, but i wish he would lecture more. this is like ucsd physics' lecture and problem solving session in one class. i wish he would skip the problem solving, since i can't skip it myself. its difficulty is so unexpected after the last quarter of physics at sd, esp since this one's at a community college, but i like it. i was disappointed last quarter cuz we didn't really use calc, but this class is so freaking calc heavy and it is def not plug and chug. anyway. i'm liking it, and i have even have a social life there to boot, haha. friends from mv, friends from sd... networking ftw. so yes. no regrets, this class is fun.

i haven't been hanging out with friends as much, but thats ok, this summer is for my God and family. ...though it does get a little lonely sometimes. i think i realized that the difference between hanging out at school and at home is that it's far less time-consuming at school: just hang out over a meal or study together. it's stuff you gotta do anyway. plus it's easier to hang out for shorter periods of time, to come and go, because it's not such a hassle to get places (and i dont feel like i'm destroying the environment when i wanna go somewhere). anyhow. a little lonely at times here, but bearable. i dont mind at all.

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