Ahh, my heart's never really left human bio. So I changed back. Actually, it's pending approval right now and will be approved shortly. I couldn't handle looking at all my chosen bio electives and knowing that they described a human bio major while being denied the right to call myself a human bio major. General bio just doesn't sound as cool. Ok that's all.

Oh yes and as much as I complain about not knowing what to do with myself after my class ends, don't listen to me, because I will be fine. I'm happy at home. I'm not dying of loneliness or boredom, and I won't. Talk about getting in touch with my introverted side, but really. Solitude is good sometimes. I am consuming a fair number of books (maybe I'm a little too absorbed sometimes) and I will get myself to hang out with all the people I normally don't see once my class ends. I will pack for school, I will hang out with my family and my God, I will cook, I will clean, I will read more, I will play piano, I will play with my cat, and I will not go crazy from idleness. Even after everyone starts school, I will live at Kevin and Erica's houses if I have to, but I will not go crazy from idleness, boredom, or loneliness. I will enjoy my summer to the fullest and I will not be ready to leave for school until the day I actually leave. Alrighty, that's the mindset, Elena.


  1. how womanly. stop changing your mind. lol, just kidding.

  2. 這還差不多。你的標題怎麽又掉了呢?