Jesus in Japan!

Some of you know that recently I've developed a ...strong interest in the advancement of the gospel in Japan. This guy came to my church in SD and he is the reason Japan caught my eye. I met him briefly that week and he is so sweet.

I cannot bear to think that 98 or whatever percent of people in Japan have never even heard the gospel and meanwhile so many are killing themselves for what I strongly suspect is academic and job pressure. Monta Vista seems to see similar trends.  That's why it hits me so hard, because it's so close to home. They NEED Jesus and the hope that comes from knowing that your performance has nothing to do with your worth. Anyway, the point is that Seima and his family have been forced to postpone their departure to Japan because of insufficient funds. I know that they would appreciate your prayer and financial support a lot right now. hint. hint. :]

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