Note to self. Do not listen to what other people say about classes, because apparently I think differently than everyone else.

Usually this is a good thing. Supposedly hard classes and bad teachers are never as hard or bad as everyone says. This is the first time I've encountered this negatively. my physics lab is supposed to be an easy class and for some reason I'm having a really hard time with it. How is it that I can handle dr weare, but not physics lab. In MECHANICS. -_- i like physics in a book and i like it in real life but i don't like it in a lab anymore. i don't see how I'm going to handle the notorious chem lab next quarter. i'm aiming to pass.

I should stop complaining about physics lab because apparently it's the only class i ever talk about, and everyone knows i hate it already.

in other news, ochem is really cool and i love making reactions happen, except i'm starting to get lost with SN2, SN1, E2, and E1 reactions. they all look the same now. bad. extra ochem lectures and textbook date time.

I'M HAVING BRILLIANT PHYSICS LAB BREAKTHROUGH MOMENTS but i don't know what they mean. this is very frustrating.


  1. Any friends from the same "difficult" class?