HI FROM THE NORTH. I'm having a very good time here, and am sad to leave so soon, but also very happy to come home to whatever new year's plans end up happening, and then back to SD!!!!!!! It  has not been boring here at all. More later. And it will not be boring when I go home for one day. And it will NOT be boring when I go back to SD. I will NOT overstudy this quarter. However much I end up studying, I get the same grade anyway. Anyway. Life looks good. I plan on thoroughly enjoying my last night here, I plan on thoroughly enjoying my new year's, and I plan on thoroughly enjoying my classes and my friends when school starts up again. All the while thoroughly enjoying God, who gives my life meaning. Otherwise, life is extremely meaningless, as I am sure you have heard me complain about before. Really 没意思. How can one bear it. But anyhow! I'm excited for life!

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  1. really really 没意思,indeed!!! I don't understand it either xP