I just realized that I still have the blog title from the summer. Oops I meant to change it when summer ended, and I forgot for a complete quarter. Good job, Elena. Anyway, so it's titled Hallelujah~ now. I decided on a simple title. Forget the clever profound ones. This is simple. Just simply, praise God. I feel very hallelujah these days. Yesterday I could not focus on reading because I was very aware of God for some reason. I felt the need to ... something. Praise him, hold out my arms and love him, worship him, stand up, dance around, bow down, cry out, be silent, soak him in, spill out adoration, I don't know. A book seemed too trivial to waste my time on. There's a big God out there to worship. And when I worship, I'm sooooo fulfilled. I think this sensation can be described as being in love. I think my heart is going to burst. Anyhow, hallelujah... just simple praise and adoration. God is so good.

PS happy birthday, dear Neilson. You have been a blessing in my life. :]

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