Today I went to two services...

... in two different languages. ... because I had nothing else to do, lol. It was very interesting. In the first one, Pastor Dean talked about the fall of man (which I see in a whole new light now, thanks to Paradise Lost), and the promise of the seed that will bruise the serpent's head, and how it's such a promise of hope for Adam and Eve after that nasty fall. In the second one, Pastor Kwan talked about the birth of Jesus and (briefly) about  how it was the answer to promise made 700 years ago through Isaiah... no, actually, many thousands of years ago at the very fall of man through God himself. And I was very hit by the amazing continuity of God's providence in human history, from the first Adam, to the second Adam Jesus, through us today who die and live because of the first and second Adams. Just as we can't get away from the curse of the first Adam, as surely as we are going to die (call it human nature or nature or evolutionary traits or whatever you want, you know humans are imperfect and die eventually), we also can't get away from the redemption of Jesus the second Adam, as surely as (or as long as?) we want to live.

That is all. Short and sweet. I'm not trying to be preachy but seriously, I cry myself awake many mornings because I want those in the first Adam to find the second Adam so bad.

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