FAQ: How was Canada?

It was very good. I thought it'd be boring, but it wasn't. What did I do? Well, I hung out with family, a lot. (No picture for privacy reasons.) I ate a hecka lot. Vancouver seafood and stuff... unfortunately this seafood is cheaper when shipped to Cupertino than it is in Vancouver itself. Somehow. I ate a lot of money. This family knows how to spend money. Although I think paying $300-$500 for a little extra material at the bottom of your not-made-in-China dress shirts is a little excessive. But I fully approve of the food spending! Also, I had my first real drink, and it was legal.

The ironic thing is that the house there is very well heated. I walked around in a tshirt. But it's freezing outside. As in when you try to drink water that you left in the car overnight, it's full of ice, and your feet freeze numb after half an hour. Coming back here and walking out of the airport, I thought it very warm in comparison to Seattle. Very warm and comfortable. But the house I stayed at last night in cozy San Jose was freaking FREEZING. Anyway.

We also did a few touristy things. Nothing I haven't seen before, but seeing things in life is different than seeing them in decade (plus) old memories. For one, the Capilano Suspension Bridge with lights at night. This sidewalk-wide wooden bridge swings over a fat gorge/ravine thing with a river at the bottom. I love heights. Too bad it was night and hard to appreciate it... at least for me. My cousin's dog saw it too well.


I also saw some historical sights. Such as the hospital I was born in, and the first apartment I remember living in:
Hecka weird. Because I remember walking to a preschool from this apartment, and I thought I remembered how to get there. But I thought it couldn't be right because I was 4 or 5 at the time, and I haven't seen the place since. Well guess what, it's exactly where I remembered it to be. I can't believe I remembered how to get there. I still don't even know how to get to church when I'm in SD. Anyway.

They also have this cutesy poodle that looks like a lamb. He was very fun.

Anyhow. Got back at 12 last night after a day of travelling and still  managed to party hop and play until 7 something in the morning and still get home in one piece. The only allnighter I will ever pull is for new years (when else would you arrive at a party at 2AM?). In the morning, I found myself saying weird things that I don't mean. Also the only day of the year I actually need my glasses, and I'm proud to say that I had the foresight to bring them back this year (haha, foresight). And then up at 5AM tomorrow and on my way back to SD!! My sleep schedule will be fixed soon.

PS happy new year!! This year, I resolve to... not sure yet. I can't even remember what I resolved last year. I resolve to remember my resolution. jk.


  1. where did you go for new years party?

  2. What did you resolve this year?

  3. a. which new years party? lol.
    b. i didn't resolve anything....