This quarter has been so chill, somehow. I thought last quarter would be chill, but it wasn't chill, and I thought this quarter was going to be not chill, but it's so chill. I never thought I would say this. I love chem lab. It's my favorite class. And I love having all morning classes, because every afternoon I feel like I have no school and it's break. It felt like break for the first few weeks of school. This past week it kind of felt like school because I tried to sit and study for my midterms tomorrow. I haven't completely forgotten how to study, fortunately. But really, I wonder sometimes if I should be working harder, because I'm often reminded of the verse that says to work at everything with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not men. I work at other things, such as investing in people, with all my heart. And I work at school hard enough to do very well. What is all of my heart? Does this verse even apply to this situation? Because it's actually talking about how slaves should obey their masters. Can that be extended to the relationship that I have with school? .............maybe not.

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  1. Think the world as a game--you play by its rules. In case you have to loose, that's fine, it's only a game. :)