What a good quarter. I am very satisfied with the balance I have achieved between people/play and school. I love people. I like learning too, but studying somehow doesn't always equate to learning, and learning science is just not as cool as learning about people. Personally. I guess you could say that I like to learn about my God's creation, and my favorite thing to learn about is God's most beautiful creation.

Let that sink in.

So yes, work has picked up, and there's a price to pay for wanting to learn about people more than books, but God has made me rather rich in that area, and I don't mind paying that price. What's a couple of hours of discomfort after getting graded stuff back, compared to the eternal investment I hope I'm making in people?

But I've been having very frequent dizzy/lightheaded spells lately, for like the past week. I'm getting a little concerned. Several things are making me suspect high blood pressure. HIGH blood pressure???? I'm out of my mind. We'll see. My dear Elena, please feel better soon. We don't want any abnormal things to happen during our college career now, do we? Unless He wills it, but I guess then there's nothing we can do about that now, is there? But I would rather not, God.

Now, off to see Tangled with a Kevin and others. Sorry, Ochem. I've already spent so much time with you today.

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