The natural disasters in Japan.....

... is partly my fault.

So I love Japan and want to see Japanese people come to know Jesus, right? I realized that one big problem with a lot of performance-driven Asian people is that they think they are self-sufficient and good if they perform well. I am was one of those people. Well that is most definitely not the case, as we are all to some degree morally deficient by God's standards. The point is, I've been praying for God to make Japanese people realize that they need him. And God is answering me by (literally) shaking up the nation to make them realize that they are not self-sufficient, and that everything that they're working for in this life is in vain. I was not expecting something of this magnitude when I prayed that prayer, but somehow I am not surprised. It's so like God to do something like that. I don't mean to sound cold, because this is very tragic and is shaking me up too, but rather I have great hopes as to what God can accomplish through this.

So now the reaction has started, but we have to make sure it goes to completion! It will have been the most useless thing ever if our current highly unstable transition state returns to starting material! After all that painful investment of energy! In other words, (for those of us who are not in the most ideal positions to directly reach out to them) we must pray them through this! We (at least I, but I can't be the only one) prayed, and it began, and now we need to keep praying for good to come of this! Because I see a lot of potential good, but I also see a lot of potential bad. Product, not starting material, guys. Shift the equilibrium to the product side!(Ochem final on Monday!) They have great physical need at the moment, but they have a much greater spiritual need that's been building up for decades and centuries now.

And if you remember, I've been supporting the Aoyagi family (aoyagifamily.wordpress.com) in their permanent missions trip to Japan. I've been praying for God to use them to further his kingdom in Japan. Well, they finally moved there less than a month ago. Within a month! Now do you see the extent of how drastically God is answering my prayers??? Anyway. They are ok, and I've heart a little about how they've been able to reach out to people unable to go home as trains shut down, even as they were unable to go home for the same reason. God clearly has them there for a very specific reason and purpose, and it's happening! As always, they could use our prayer support, if we would give it.

On a bigger scale, God is amazing. Amazing at how he listens to us and infinitely more amazing period. But at the same time I'm starting to realize how similarly potentially disastrous a lot of my other prayers have been. Wow, I'm almost scared to see what else is going to start happening. I could very well have been praying the same prayer for YOU. 


  1. Woah, you're going to be hated... will join your prayers.

  2. I have lost complete respect for you.

  3. There's something wrong with you.
    I don't even know you, and I know for a fact your way of thinking just. Wrong.

    There is no hope for you. Supposing God was real. How can you think that such a calamity was brought about by your prayers? These are human lives you are talking about. And you are talking about them so casually. People are hurting. Don't even try to defend yourself. I wish you the best of luck if there is an afterlife. Because you need it.

    A God like that is no better than Satan.

    Or maybe you are just delusional and you need a taste of reality.

  4. Try not praying for natural disasters, I promise you they will still happen. But then at least you won't feel so guilty when they do happen and humans suffer as a result. Oh wait you don't have a conscience.

  5. The respect you had for Elena was obvious superfical. If you know her personally, you would have known what she meant. And you would have had even deeper respect for her.

    You don't know Elena, yet you dare to accuse and judge based on your own assumptions and perceptions. Who is delusional here?

    Jesus wept!

  6. There's not one line in her post that said she prayed for a natural disaster.

    She said "I've been praying for God to make Japanese people realize that they need him" and that from her perspective, that just happened to be the tsunami. She didn't pray specifically for a natural disaster to happen. It just happened!

    Elena also didn't say anything about being happy that so many people died. She said "I don't mean to sound cold, because this is very tragic and is shaking me up too"

    Please read the post carefully. You might have misunderstood her true meaning because she focused not on the tragedy, but on the power of God's prayer and her faith that something good would come from it.

    God answers prayers unexpectedly and she's happy that the Japanese people now have an opportunity to meet God. There's nothing wrong with being optimistic about the future and hoping for something greater to come.

  7. I have a question.
    What makes her think that Japan needed her prayers? I think that as a whole they handled the whole situation much better than perhaps the United States could have. Though everyone was shaken (literally), they came together as a community and they are braving the situation as best as they can. Compared to the chaos that happened after say, Hurricane Katrina, with looting and disrespect, the Japanese people are really pulling through through these tough times. I don't believe that her praying would have turned many of them to Christianity. They are doing fine as they were, and they will come through, as the whole world is helping. Not just Christianity.

    I'm not saying she doesn't have a soul or something. I can tell she feels sad about what happened. But not everyone needs God like she does. I am not a believer in any religion. I think some people need religion in order to live their lives, but I was very offended from reading this blog that she seems to be inferring that everyone should find God, and suffering is the way to Him.

    Also Elena, even if God were real, I do not think prayers work like that. It's not your fault for what happened. I think it's something beyond our capabilities.

  8. Well, if you look at it from my point it view, I believe that people are imperfect and sinful and and will pay the price of death for it when God judges them, unless they believe that Jesus' death despite his sinlessness paid the price for our sins. I believe that anyone who accepts the death that he has paid on their behalf will in turn gain his eternal life. And because I believe this, and I love people, I want this life and joy for them too. Coming from my beliefs, it would be very very grossly selfish and uncaring for me to not do all I can to share this hope of eternal life with others, just because I think they might be offended. That's the reason I pray for them, because I'm concerned about their spiritual condition, not because I don't think they can't handle external problems.

    And I point to this natural disaster as an opportunity for many to come to find Jesus and eternal life because in order for anyone to accept what he has done, they must first realize that they are in need of a savior. It's so easy for us to think that we're ok on our own when we're not notorious sinners and generally considered good and successful in life, but when everything we think matters and place our hopes in in this life is stripped away, it's easier for us to realize our brokenness and our need for something more. Hence, this. And I know that so many people have died and it's too late for them, but there's nothing I can do about that, so I'm choosing to focus on those who are left, that they might find healing.

    I hope that you're able to see things from my point of view a little now and that you begin to understand why said some things I did. I'm sorry if it offends you that I think everyone needs a Savior, but I'm not trying to force you to believe it too. I'm just sharing what I believe, and you are free to believe or not believe what I say as you will.

  9. You're not alone! Rejoice!


  10. Here's a question for you (from someone new, who once knew you personally and has since drifted away):

    How can you be so sure that a natural disaster is really truly helps people see God.

    If you were (hypothetically) God, your goal would be to convert the maximum amount of Christians on Earth, to save the optimal number of souls. Right?

    How is creating a natural disaster going to help you in that? In all their grief, in all their rage, don't you think people would be more turned /away/ from God than draw towards Him? You usually don't embrace someone who's just tried to ruin your life.

    Just how, is wreaking havoc in someone's life going to help them "see God".

  11. I guess what I'm saying, is, do you ever consider that natural phenomena might result in a net loss of Christians in the world, rather than a net gain?

  12. Def very true that some people react that way.(PS I don't necessarily think that God made it happen. He allowed it for sure, but I don't know about "caused" it. Maybe it would have been worse w/o him.) But some do find God in brokenness, whether it's because realize their own weakness, or because they are thankful for the grace they received in surviving, or because their trials make them start thinking about the afterlife... or whatever. I can testify from my own life that brokenness can bring a person to Jesus. We can talk about it elsewhere if you want.

    And I'm not SO sure that it will help people see God. I can't know for sure how people will react to things like this. But I guess I'm just saying that there's large potential. And I don't claim to understand all of God's ways, but it seems to me that having a third of a nation die, a third hardened towards God, and another third possibly saved is better than having the whole nation remain spiritually dead in complacency.

    And if it results in a net loss of Christians, then those "Christians" weren't very true in the first place. God gives AND takes away.

    PS the reaction of the girl in the video is not representative of my reaction. I'm not sure I agree with her.