Well that was interesting

I did not mean to make such a big stir with the last post. I expected some misunderstandings, but not to this extent. Amazing how people misunderstand and get worked up over things I didn't even say. But I guess it's not completely there fault, because my hook ("it was partly my fault") was maybe a little too effective. I didn't mean it literally, sorry guys. Funny how what upset me most was the possibility that maybe I was getting all this crap for actually doing something wrong in God's eyes, rather than doing something right and being misunderstood/offending others. I am ok with being misunderstood and while I don't like offending people, I can't help it if they don't like what I believe. Or what they think I believe. I don't expect everyone to understand. I can take the crap. But for a moment I really thought I was going crazy because when I went back and read it, it seemed to be perfectly normal reasoning and not extraordinarily radical or offensive or theologically incorrect. I still don't think it's offensive if understood properly (which many fail to). And I'm pretty sure it's not theologically incorrect. But I guess it might be considered radical. What a difference between how Christians see the world and how others see the world. I was expecting a mostly Christian audience so I didn't bother to explain some background things that I probably should have. Sorry, nonchristian cyberspace community. That was my bad. Please read my explanations in the comments and on Facebook if you haven't already. It might make you feel better if I offended you.

So yes, even though I had a pretty rough weekend for it, I feel so much more complete now for having been through all that. I actually understand what Jesus/Paul mean when they talk about the "present sufferings" and "sharing in Christ's sufferings" and stuff. AND "the apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name." I'm not sure I'm jumping for joy yet, but I guess it is pretty cool to suffer for Jesus' sake. That is the one thing most worth suffering for. 


  1. Hi dear, here is your mistake: You don't mind people misread you. But you are in embassador role, people misunderstand your God, it is not just about you.

  2. I think there is a theological error here, not your fault: that people think God's glory is more important than human sufferings. In a sense I wouldn't say it's wrong, but what is God's glory? I don't see God has a glory that located outside His love. His glory is His love, which is extremely powerful in working/changing people.