The Man upstairs is taking care of me. :] I randomly met a believing girl and her mom a couple of days ago and hopefully I'll be go to a gathering of sorts this weekend, if you know what I mean. I almost can't believe it but I should have expected it. He is so so so faithful. He answered so fast. Thanks to everyone who yarped (supplicated, that is) with and for me. Wahhh I really almost can't believe this is happening. He is so good to me. Hopefully this will work out. Please continue yarping for this, as well as the other things.
In other news, all I've done so far, pretty much, is sit around and read when I'm not out eating wonderfully fattening food virtually every meal. It's getting to be a bit much. People familiar with my eating habits know that I sometimes have raw fruit and veggie cravings. I realized it's my body needing a detox. It often happens after I eat a substantial amount of meat or greasy stuff. I am having it so bad right now. For lunch today we had this exquisite ... banquet... with the president of the university -- multicourse and red wine and the whole deal. Even an automatic lazy susan. But right now I want nothing more than raw spinach and fruit. Too bad raw food isn't real safe here. To mention nothing of sitting around all day. I can literally see myself getting fat. I want to go out and do something but it's raining like a flood outside. Literally. China is flooding. Hope this lets up soon and doesn't do too much damage. Hope the university figures out soon what they want to do with me. Talk about procrastinators.
Oh the other exciting thing is that I find myself randomly lapsing into speaking the local dialect that I didn't know I could speak. I guess when someone talks to you in a language enough, it makes you want to answer in it or something. I think it's messing with my Mandarin because I'm having a hard time controlling when I lapse. I think I just might come home speaking another language. Whoever said this trip would improve my Mandarin... lol.


I am not sure if this blogging by email business is going to work, partly because I'm not sure I have the right destination address memorized. If this actually shows up as a post, someone please comment on it so I know that it's working. Otherwise, I will assume that it doesn't work, and you will not hear from me again.
Anyway, China's really different from North America. I was surprised that Shanghai had all signs in Chinese AND English, but I think that's because of the recent World Expo. We were sitting in a restaurant and my uncle who lives in Vancouver was joking that there's more white people in Shanghai than there are in Vancouver. It's exaggerated, but at that moment, it was true that there was more white people in that restaurant (legit, btw) than I've ever seen in any Chinese restaurant in my life.
And then I took the high-speed train to Wuhan, and that was really culture shock because we passed about 5 hours worth of Asian countryside. I realized that I've never seen Asian countryside before, except in pictures and videos. It looks like... the stuff of pictures and videos. I always thought that fields were planted in squares like 田. I guess they're not. They apparently follow the contour of the land and it makes them look messy.
Enough of my countryside ignorance. There's some things you people should know. 9 out of 10 people who hear I'm going to Wuhan have never heard of it. And then I think they start imagining it as a village, because it's not Beijing or Shanghai. This is comparable to me telling a Chinese person that I go to school in San Diego, and them thinking that it's an obscure town because it's not New York or Los Angeles, the only two American cities they know. Wuhan is the fifth or sixth largest city in China. Thank you for your willingness to be taught. I find it insulting that people would think it's a village and ask if I would have internet.
Ok that's all I have time for now, but more later. If this works, that is. Remember, kids, leave me comments for more posts. :]


Day 23: A song that you cannot stand to listen to

Sorry, I'm skipping Day 22: A song that someone has sung to you, because I've never really had that. I can't remember what those singing valentine people sang to me, and I've had friends sing songs to me to show me what they sound like, but... nah.

Look, is this not the most obnoxious song ever?? It's even worse with the music video. -_- I thought I should check to make sure there's no gross things in the music video, but I had to mute my computer to watch it. Soooo obnoxious.


Day 21: Your favorite song

Carol Ann (Michael W. Smith). Sorry the sound quality isn't the best on this one.


Day 20: The last song alphabetically on your iPod/iTunes

It's the 12 variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Except I have it by a different pianist -- Jeno Jando


Nietzsche was right (for once)...

...Christians are nihilistic*. Kind of. He only thinks so because he thinks the whole afterlife business is anti-reality. If that's true, then Christians are freaking nihilistic. Even Paul says so: "If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied." 1 Cor 15:19. ...most to be pitied because we threw this life away for nothing. If I didn't think there was something more beyond this life, I should just die now because what's the point? Or I can enjoy this life and then die. Either way, I would not waste my time trying to find or fulfill a purpose in life because if that purpose is going to die with me, then it's not a purpose. Or waste my time trying to find my true self because that's going to die too. Or making up my own rules and being my own god because if I'm going to die anyway, any values I create would be so baseless. If I didn't think there was something more, I would be so nihilistic. Nietzsche obviously thinks I am nihilistic because he thinks the afterlife part is pure delusion and it appears to him that I'm apathetic to this life because I have my eyes set on the beyond. So to him, I would be nihilistic. However, there is a balance because even though I think this life has no worth in itself, I believe that what I do in this life will affect my eternity. So this life does matter, but only because it affects the next. There you go. I'm studying hum. 

*Nihilism: Apathy toward life, because all values are baseless. 


IT'S FINALLY OVER but omg it's ending too fast. Man, the whole quarter I couldn't wait for it to be over, but it's coming upon me too fast, and I'm not ready for it! Just when I started to get used to that darn schedule too. I feel like being out of country is like leaving the world. Some things I just can't do when I've disappeared from the world. So I need to figure them out before I leave. At least there's email and I won't be completely cut off. But darn there's not enough time. Here's the schedule for the next week and a bit:
Fri: figure out hum in-class essays + play appointments. LS end-of-the-year party is formal this year. lol.
Sat: prep hum in-class essays + cram ochem
Mon: cram ochem
Tue: cram ochem. take hum and ochem finals. celebrate.
Wed: cram metabolics
Thur: cram metabolics. take metabolics final
Fri: pack everything
Sat: go home

Tell me if that's not cramped. I need to figure out how to get myself to the airport and my stuff to my Jason's. First finals week that involves serious studying! Ever! This is sad.