The Man upstairs is taking care of me. :] I randomly met a believing girl and her mom a couple of days ago and hopefully I'll be go to a gathering of sorts this weekend, if you know what I mean. I almost can't believe it but I should have expected it. He is so so so faithful. He answered so fast. Thanks to everyone who yarped (supplicated, that is) with and for me. Wahhh I really almost can't believe this is happening. He is so good to me. Hopefully this will work out. Please continue yarping for this, as well as the other things.
In other news, all I've done so far, pretty much, is sit around and read when I'm not out eating wonderfully fattening food virtually every meal. It's getting to be a bit much. People familiar with my eating habits know that I sometimes have raw fruit and veggie cravings. I realized it's my body needing a detox. It often happens after I eat a substantial amount of meat or greasy stuff. I am having it so bad right now. For lunch today we had this exquisite ... banquet... with the president of the university -- multicourse and red wine and the whole deal. Even an automatic lazy susan. But right now I want nothing more than raw spinach and fruit. Too bad raw food isn't real safe here. To mention nothing of sitting around all day. I can literally see myself getting fat. I want to go out and do something but it's raining like a flood outside. Literally. China is flooding. Hope this lets up soon and doesn't do too much damage. Hope the university figures out soon what they want to do with me. Talk about procrastinators.
Oh the other exciting thing is that I find myself randomly lapsing into speaking the local dialect that I didn't know I could speak. I guess when someone talks to you in a language enough, it makes you want to answer in it or something. I think it's messing with my Mandarin because I'm having a hard time controlling when I lapse. I think I just might come home speaking another language. Whoever said this trip would improve my Mandarin... lol.


  1. You can speak in tongue! That's a gift from God.

  2. yapping for you... dad is awesome :)