Nietzsche was right (for once)...

...Christians are nihilistic*. Kind of. He only thinks so because he thinks the whole afterlife business is anti-reality. If that's true, then Christians are freaking nihilistic. Even Paul says so: "If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied." 1 Cor 15:19. ...most to be pitied because we threw this life away for nothing. If I didn't think there was something more beyond this life, I should just die now because what's the point? Or I can enjoy this life and then die. Either way, I would not waste my time trying to find or fulfill a purpose in life because if that purpose is going to die with me, then it's not a purpose. Or waste my time trying to find my true self because that's going to die too. Or making up my own rules and being my own god because if I'm going to die anyway, any values I create would be so baseless. If I didn't think there was something more, I would be so nihilistic. Nietzsche obviously thinks I am nihilistic because he thinks the afterlife part is pure delusion and it appears to him that I'm apathetic to this life because I have my eyes set on the beyond. So to him, I would be nihilistic. However, there is a balance because even though I think this life has no worth in itself, I believe that what I do in this life will affect my eternity. So this life does matter, but only because it affects the next. There you go. I'm studying hum. 

*Nihilism: Apathy toward life, because all values are baseless. 


  1. Does our Creator feel the same, that this world is meaningless? I doubt it. He said it was very good, and He took all the troubles to redeem it.

  2. i didnt say the world is meaningless, I said life would be meaningless if this life was all there was.

  3. Of course the world is meaningless if without life. Life is the most meaningful part of the world, especially human life, don't you think?