So I find myself doing gruntwork for some Norwegian company involving not-quite-but-almost-computer-programming, instead of teaching/half-teaching English. Sadly. I am learning lots about programming but unfortunately I don't have much of an interest in that. 眼睛都看花了, I tried to cram so much into my brain today. Note to self: do not trust other people to hook you up for stuff anymore. What happened was that it was, I guess, failed to be communicated that the summer session here (and thus my English class(es)) starts in mid-july, when I am supposed to leave. Originally it would have been ok, because I was supposed to go home later. Timing was for some reason not calculated into the flight change. Very sadly. So I got stuck in this lab trying to learn to code with these crazy students who literally sleep in the lab, haha. Delicious. We will see how this ends up.

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  1. what is your task with those students? help them to code?? Hey try prayers. God is smart, He only needs to drop a little idea to you. I used His help a lot that when I worked as an independant database application consultant.