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Tim Be Told will be at the Fifth Home of Christ Church in Cupertino on Sept 5 of this very year. Woohoo.


What I've found is that a lot of my family whom I haven't seen in many years seem to think that I'm an introvert who stays home and doesn't hang out with friends much. Especially next to my sister. Interesting. I believe they judge based on the amount of time I look like I spend on things like clothing, hair, makeup, etc. Probably other people do too from first visual impression, but family members are the only ones bold enough to say it out loud. Thank you, but I don't need to extensively enhance how I look in order to make and keep friends.


Today I was reading Leviticus, which is extremely random, but I was, and I was thinking, man, how can anyone EVER POSSIBLY remain clean, according to these laws?? For example, a woman becomes unclean on her period and when she gives birth. And similarly unavoidable things for men. Come on seriously, God, women were born to have periods and babies, how can you possibly call that unclean? It's our nature -- but so is sin! That's our nature too, but it's clearly unclean! We can't help it, just like we can't help our bodily functions! What's the point of these laws if it's just going to tell us that what we can't help is unclean? Maybe that IS the point of all these laws: we see that we have no hope of being clean by them -- Yes, exactly, says Romans 3:20!! Thus enter Jesus and grace. Beautiful. Jesus even shows up in Leviticus, what do you know.

You know what else I noticed? Romans 8:3 calls Jesus a sin offering. Leviticus 4 seems to indicate that sin offerings are for the forgiveness of unintentional sins (but wrong and guilt-incurring nonetheless). Unintentional sins?? But our Sin Offering, when he died, said to God, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." He apparently thought it was unintentional too (but I'm not exactly sure who "them" refers to)? Interesting link, but I'm not sure if that's saying that all sins are unintentional. Or that Jesus only died for the forgiveness of unintentional sins. I can imagine someone committing a sin deliberately, fully aware that it's wrong. But then, that's only imagination, and I can't claim to speak for them, because from my own memory, I cannot recall a single time that I committed a sin deliberately and intentionally, fully aware it's a sin. Maybe I should seek myself more? Or maybe that's just because I'm a nice person, but there's other, worse people out there who do commit sins fully aware that it's wrong and that they are about to do it? Who knows. I only know myself. But I really do wonder if all (or most) sins are unintentional. Maybe the sins that are done with full intention are ones where the sinner THINKS they're doing something right ("If I kill this person, I am bringing justice to the world; they deserve it"), and the rest are moral slips ("Oops, I didn't mean to smack you; I was angry and not thinking straight"). Maybe. Food for thought. I should like to know if anyone ever committed a sin, fully aware and in control of what they're doing, and fully aware that it's wrong.

PS sorry for raising unnecessary questions and possibly raising heretical possibilities. I'm always afraid when I notice things in the Bible that aren't part of mainstream teaching, because I might be raising some heresy -- or that others will thinking that I'm raising a heresy.


I don't often go around reading people's blogs, but I do once in a while. Today's one of those days, and it was inspiring. I've been recently thinking that quotes are too cliche and easily made up to be meaningful. Today I saw some freaking good quotes -- some reblogged, but some original. I saw some good insights that I've been forgetting, and some that I've never thought about before... for example, that we're not broken people. The church likes to tell us that we're broken people, but have we forgotten that it was Jesus who was broken so we could be made whole? Such an obvious thing, I know, but so easily overlooked by that one verb tense error (thanks, Connie). I also saw some people's passion for God that I've never had a chance to see in real life because I don't talk to them enough. It's something. It's a good reminder for me that my failure to perceive their spiritual maturity does not mean that they have none to speak of. It's also a good reminder that in a year of not seeing someone, they can grow so much. It's unbelievable. I need to erase some out-of-date conceptions that I have of many people. Some leaders at AFC now, I almost couldn't believe were leaders, because I remember them from when they were in... oh I dunno, like 5th grade or something (my old students, bwahaha), and that image has been poorly updated the past few years. It saddened me that AFC would be so desperate for leaders that these clearly immature people should be called leaders. ...JUST KIDDING, have you forgotten that at least half a decade has past since you've refreshed their profile pages, Elena?? I am unbelievably old and out-of-date.

Before I wrote all that ^ I was planning on saying that I read some amazing insights on people's blogs, but I unfortunately have none from myself at this moment, sorry. But I guess I found some. That is the meaning of inspiration! Thank you, inspiring people. I have more of you in my life than I deserve.

Watermelon Skin Carving

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I've decided that I like listening more than I like talking.