I don't often go around reading people's blogs, but I do once in a while. Today's one of those days, and it was inspiring. I've been recently thinking that quotes are too cliche and easily made up to be meaningful. Today I saw some freaking good quotes -- some reblogged, but some original. I saw some good insights that I've been forgetting, and some that I've never thought about before... for example, that we're not broken people. The church likes to tell us that we're broken people, but have we forgotten that it was Jesus who was broken so we could be made whole? Such an obvious thing, I know, but so easily overlooked by that one verb tense error (thanks, Connie). I also saw some people's passion for God that I've never had a chance to see in real life because I don't talk to them enough. It's something. It's a good reminder for me that my failure to perceive their spiritual maturity does not mean that they have none to speak of. It's also a good reminder that in a year of not seeing someone, they can grow so much. It's unbelievable. I need to erase some out-of-date conceptions that I have of many people. Some leaders at AFC now, I almost couldn't believe were leaders, because I remember them from when they were in... oh I dunno, like 5th grade or something (my old students, bwahaha), and that image has been poorly updated the past few years. It saddened me that AFC would be so desperate for leaders that these clearly immature people should be called leaders. ...JUST KIDDING, have you forgotten that at least half a decade has past since you've refreshed their profile pages, Elena?? I am unbelievably old and out-of-date.

Before I wrote all that ^ I was planning on saying that I read some amazing insights on people's blogs, but I unfortunately have none from myself at this moment, sorry. But I guess I found some. That is the meaning of inspiration! Thank you, inspiring people. I have more of you in my life than I deserve.

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