I am so dang excited for my academic and professional future. It's biology and medicine from now on, baby, woohoo. I'm writing a statement of purpose (essay basically) for this public health internship thing that I'm 80% sure I''m going to apply for, for this summer, and boy I inspire myself when I articulate my excitement for medicine and my reasons for it. I think I might actually like writing personal statements for med school, bwahaha, and you thought liking ochem and physics was weird. (Did you notice that I'm writing the essay even though I'm only 80% sure I'm going to apply?) I'm excited beyond words to see where God's going to take me here. He has equipped me abundantly for this, and I plan on making the most of it. One day, blind people are going to see, deaf people are going to hear, and lame people are going to walk once again. The Savior is still alive.