We're moving = going through old stuff = walk down memory lane.

Me and my sister found her old diary from when she was in third grade or so (that she doesn't even remember writing in) and it was the most hilarious thing ever. I laughed till I cried. She won't mind if I post one entry up:

Dear diary,
You wouldn't believe what happened! My sister stole my breakfast, okay, not stole, but took my breakfast and made me eat yogurt. So I went inside and counted my money. I had $5.36.

I also went through my old stuff, kinda... from "lol cute," to "This is so random, what was I thinking," to "Wow this is embarrassing," to "ugh those days, don't remind me."

Saw names of and notes from and pictures of people I don't talk to anymore... also some of people I still do talk to and boy I forgot how far back we go. I've been friends with Jennifer LQ for over a decade now and we can still talk like nothing's changed <3. Also found notes containing inside jokes that I don't understand anymore. Kevin, please remind me what a CCS person is... o.o.

Anyhow. fun stuff.


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