This week I begin a new chapter of my life. It's been an adventure the last four years and I've no doubt that the next few will be even more of an adventure. I've learned and grown so much in so many different ways - sometimes that means I know more and sometimes that means that I realize I know less than I thought I did. I'm a different person now than I was four years ago when I was a little pre-freshman, scared to leave everything I've ever known at home. I do believe I've learned something about biology and science since then, and I managed to step out of my commencement ceremony with a job in the UCSD School of Medicine Department of Reproductive Medicine while I'm waitlisted for Loma Linda University School of Medicine Class of 2017. How did this happen? All I did was love my life and my Lord. Proverbs 31:25 puts it nicely:

She can laugh at the days to come. 

I've come face to face with parts of myself, others, and the world that I frankly hate and I have come to the conclusion that life in this world is broken beyond repair, but the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is still somehow (I don't know how!) big enough to convince me that our God is GOOD, and I'm willing to die for that truth. And oh dear God there's a million things about myself that I would fix or even understand if I could, but I'm just so inscrutable to myself sometimes. Props to Neilson for chipping away at the block of wood that is me for so many years, trying to find whatever salvageable treasure might be inside but haha! I'm pretty sure it's impossible to find anything understandable in there, unless your name is God. There's only DNA and other types of code unreadable to the human mind, but I guess it is kind of fun to try to untangle that, huh? Thanks for four years of adventures, looking forward to many more with you.

Anyway, in the meantime I'll be working on figuring out exactly how males and females are sexually dimorphic in their brains and generally doing my part to keep the world spinning. One day I plan on getting out of mundane middle class life to save the world of TB, HIV, and cancer, but until then, I'm here!


  1. Ever since you are in kindergarten, teachers said you were a positive influence to other people. Did you find that part of you? Don't lost it haha!

  2. I always knew that because people tell me that, but there's a lot that people can't or don't tell me, and that's what I don't understand.

  3. In your Johari window, your blind spot is probably pretty small, unless you know you have a big hidden area. So "beyond repair" is not to be applied everywhere even.